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To deliver effective solutions to businesses and individuals through a commitment and collaborate with our clients in achieving their goals.

Management Training Centre

Training is always a valuable investment. We offer management training courses/workshops. Courses can, on request of clients, be adapted to their specific conditions, formats and difficulty. We are well-trained in providing trainings/lectures and all have a strong international, academic background.

Small Business Coach

We work on bringing out the best that's already inside you. In small business coaching, we focus on the "bigger picture" of what it is you want to create for your business and talk about what will keep you motivated to move forward on your dreams, goals and tasks.

Project Development

An excellent and promising idea stays merely an idea without the right approach and execution. We will provide you with excellent advice from start to finish in a systematic approach and using advanced project development methods. Identification, Formulation, Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation), basis on the Project Cycle Management/Logical Framework method Audit

Business Development

In cases where your aim is organic change in your business we use what we call business development. We will help to define and illustrate your business goals. This facilitates the identification of processes, policies, concepts and resources necessary to meet these goals for various small, midsized and large clients.

Government Consulting

We offer a robust portfolio of government consulting services to help our clients align their organizational culture, leadership, and strategy to reach their performance goals. Government agencies today are expected to perform as service providers, with citizens and businesses as their clients. Accordingly, airports, tax departments, licensing bureaus, and regulatory bodies are facing many of the challenges of private sector companies.

Organizational development

More than thirty years of research has shown that aligning culture and strategy is critical to both organizational development and leadership success. Most executives understand that culture is important, but do not have a firm understanding about how to effectively harness it in productive and meaningful ways that drive business performance.


We provide a broader range of services, capabilities, a deeper level of expertise and involvement, than most people generally expect from a consulting firm. From our core offering of business development, project development, organisational development, business coach to highly specialized management training.

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We work in both Norway and The Gambia with our following branches.

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We are committed to excellence.  We strive to deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected.  We believe that success is a pattern that stems from quality, reliability and dedication in all of our actions.

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